Whole Sale Vendor's Contact 

After careful consideration we are finally releasing our whole sale vendors' info for all of our collections! 

Benefits of Purchasing a Vendor 

-You get to SAVE  MONEY & TIME  searching for a reliable Vendor to outsource products from ( Hair, Wigs, Lashes )

The first step in starting a business is finding quality product to sell. Conventionally this would include spending TONS of MONEY & TIME like I did. I personally spent over $4,000 and countless hours,weeks and even months searching and testing hair, wig & Lash products for each of the Simply Flawless Hairtique Collections.  There were so many times I felt defeated after getting my hopes shattered when I received bad product and in some cases I never received product I paid for. This opportunity is for both aspiring business owners ( Hair Line, Wig Line, Lash Line & Wig Makers) AND those that simply want to improve the quality of product that they sale to their clients/ customers. Each of the vendors offer high quality with large profit margins, which are key components to growth in business. As soon as you complete you purchase you will have access to the Vendor's Contact info. Take a look at the specifications of each vendor in order to choose which would be best for your business.  

                        -Bri ,Founder of Simply Flawless Hairtique